I am a pastry artist, cook, self-taught textile designer and photographer.

I was born in a small agricultural town in central Germany.

Both of my grandmothers were avid bakers and I loved the fragrance of freshly baked bread.

I have been baking bread, pastries and cakes for more than 20 years and early in 2017 I began creating artistically decorated pies. My pie designs are greatly varied, from classical, geometric and abstract to modern and colourful. I try to  develop new original designs for every pie rather than concentrating on one style.

I live with my husband and my dog in a 19th century abbey north of Frankfurt.

In the meantime my Instagram account @karinpfeiffboschek has more than 84,000 followers, my pies can also be seen on Facebook and Pinterest and have been featured in a number of international newspapers and journals.